Economic Development

Sustainable Farming to Counter Malnutrition and Poverty

Stability in providing food sources is essential for human life, but it can be a challenging task in underdeveloped nations due to their economic dependency, lack of knowledge in land usage and farming, conditions of soil fertility, spreading insects and pest population. We are committed to working with farmers in rural communities promoting sustainable, agrodiverse crops most suited for the climate and soil conditions of the region.

The Seed of Hope agricultural team will focus on: 1) choosing well adaptable plants for the region; 2) cultivating fast growing crops with superior nutritious content to overcome malnutrition, especially for women and children; and 3) diversifying plant varieties, which can provide alternate benefits than just food consumption, such as medical remedies, firewood and water purification.

Other initiatives include developing a solar oven, fire briquette maker, and wood/briquette stove for maximizing the use of local resources. In addition, we are interested in developing treadle water pump and ceramic water purification systems that can greatly aid in basic water needs and hygiene issues. By introducing simple, yet efficient techniques, we hope to impart the skills necessary for local citizens to fully harness and utilize the region’s natural resources.

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