Medical Care

Delivering Care to Meet Basic Health Needs

We believe it a basic human right for all persons, especially children, to have the opportunity to thrive. Through community health clinics and special outreach events, we will provide screening for malnutrition, visual impairment, and non-communicable diseases in addition to maternal health and infant/child nutrition counseling. We will hold workshops promoting hygiene, food safety and home-based water sanitation practices to combat food and water-borne illnesses. Workshops will hold demonstrations of innovative, country-relevant solutions for sustainable water purification systems.

A core value of the Seed of Hope organization is to teach, and for those taught to teach others so that the snowball effect of increased knowledge will produce transformative economies of scale. With the support of an international network of expert advisors in medicine and public health, our activities will focus on knowledge and skills capacity building for local communities.

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